Fill-A-Bag Feed-A-Bag, Irene currently contributes to five main beneficiaries.  Find out more about them here
Bag contents
Money Collection & Bag Distribution
The contents of the bag
Volunteers packing groceries into bags
The contents of the bag were designed  in order to provide the most nutrition for a family with limited preparation facilities
  • 2.5 kg         White Mealie Meal
  • 410 g         Peanut butter
  • 500 g         White Kidney Beans
  • 500 g         Brown Speckled Beans
  • 500 g         Powdered Milk - no blends
  • 2 x 1 kg     Samp
  • 1 kg             Sugar
  • 500 g         Salt
  • 200 g         Savoury Soya Mince
Please see the Bag Layout as to how to pack your bag.

The pack dates for 2019 are:

18 February
25 March
29 April
27 May
24 June
22 July
26 August
30 September
28 October
11 November
25 November
​20 January 2020
The Fill-a-Bag Feed-a-Family Feeding Scheme is run by a Chairperson and a Committee which consists of fifteen members.  Meetings are held once a month to discuss finances, projects and related issues.  Once a month, two committee members order and shop en masse for the required groceries.  These are then delivered to St Martins-in-the-Field by Makro.  The bags are then packed at the meeting and locked away until delivery to the beneficiaries
In addition, a number of parishoners collect empty Fill-a Bags from the church and buy the grocery items themselves. They then fill the bags at home and return them to the church.  This method is extrememely humbling as one can see the staple goods alongside the other items that one tends to pop into a trolley.
Fill-a-Bag Feed-a-Family is a registered Non Profit Organisation and a Public Benefit Organisation.  The finances are audited anually by  Mr Miles Saxby (CA SA) pro bono.  There is complete integrity in the process between receiving your donation and getting it, in the form of food, to the recipient.  100% of the donation is used for food as all our Committee members give freely of their time. In addition, Makro delivers to the church free of charge and  Werner Henneke donates his time and transport to take bags to Klipgat in the Winterveld.