Widespread hunger is a serious problem in South Africa, despite the ongoing efforts of government at all levels to alleviate the situation.  StatsSA revealed in February 2015 that just over 27 million people (about half the population) live below the poverty datum line of R779 (US$64) per month calculated on basic essential expenditure. (10.7 million of these people are living on R335 or US$28 per month or less – that is R11 or 91c per day).  The situation is aggravated by the prevalence of HIV/Aids which often affects the breadwinner of the family.  It is estimated that some 5.51 million people in South Africa are HIV-positive.  In addition, the problem is exacerbated by the number of orphan or child-headed homes.
This is where the Fill-a-Bag Feed-a-Family Feeding scheme steps in. The object of the FABFAF scheme is to provide basic nutrition by way of staple goods. A bag of groceries will provide ten meals for a family of four.  The cost of filling a bag is approximately R165 (US$14).  It is estimated that the various FABFAF initiatives in Irene alone, including donations from schools, churches and individuals, have supplied approximately 25000 bags worth some US$30 000 to needy families in the greater Pretoria area.

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If you have a South African bank account, we ask that you donate via an EFT, so we can ensure the entire amount is spent on those in need.  For international transfers, please also use the SWIFT  Code shown below.
In order to process international donations we use a third party tool. 95% of each donation will go towards feeding the needy, while the rest covers bank charges.
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Fill-A-Bag Feeding Scheme
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